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A flexible browser-based

Stage management application

Designed for intuitive, visually-oriented prompter commentary, StageDoc is a flexible tool for stage managers, show callers, assistant directors, prompters, etc., working alone or in teams, in small or large theaters. Developed in Germany by stage manager Brett Nancarrow and Skill Software, theater professionals around the world will feel comfortable with the program's layout and documentation features.

Welcome to StageDoc

Work on StageDoc began in early 2020 after the state of Hesse provided start-up funding as part of the funding program for projects supporting the introduction of new digital information and communications technology systems (Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing).


StageDoc works on all common browsers and operating systems

Upload PDF files

Upload scripts, music, choreography and floor plans


Export scripts and cue lists as PDF for saving or printing


The StageDoc user interface is available in German and English


Invite and manage unlimited employees


Create an expandable tab for cue lists based on acts, scenes, and page numbers

Easy navigation

Jump to the next or previous keyword or to a specific page number

Annotate scripts

Easily add bookmarks, markers, keywords, and notes for acts and scenes with StageDoc

Script revision

Easily upload a new script version or a single page

Production Dashboard

You can create an unlimited number of productions on your dashboard

30 days free trial

Register now for your 30 days free trial

Introducing StageDoc

StageDoc ist eine neue webbasierte App zur Erstellung von digitalisierten Prompt Books und Showdokumentationen.
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The first version of StageDoc

A first test and idea phase was conducted in September & October 2020 with colleagues and members of the stage manager network (stage manager association) in Germany.

The first version of StageDoc will be available in the near future and will be presented at the Broadway Symposium, May 21-24, 2021. 

Details on how to get started with StageDoc will be posted on this website soon!

Our goal

Short history of StageDoc

Work on the application began in early 2020 after receiving start-up funding from the state of Hesse under the funding program for projects supporting the introduction of new digital systems of information and communications technology (Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing). 

A first test and idea phase was conducted in September & October 2020 with colleagues from Schauspiel Frankfurt as well as members of the stage manager network in Germany.

Functions under development

  • Offline persistence
  • "Save as" function for script updates
  • Labeling specifications and further labeling options
  • Selection of pencil drawings and shapes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for copy/cut/paste/delete
  • Double page view right and left
  • Popup hint information and hint & text grouping
  • Annotations per category selectable or hideable
  • Light and dark surface modes

In the future

  • In-app text editing
  • Search function for texts
  • Mailing / messaging / note sharing & other communication
  • Version history & file archive
  • Scheduling and business management
  • Preset or customizable levels for caller, assistant, prompter, production and technical management, lighting or working notes, etc.
  • Video integration
  • Other languages

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Mail: stagedoc@skillsoftware.de

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