Many orders bring even more Administrative work

TechDoc delivers key technical information to mobile workstations & digitizes work in industrial plants, machines, equipment parks, IT & communication, saves time & costs, incl. service reports with time + material, predictive maintenance & sensor technology.

The productive solution for maintenance and technical service.

With TechDoc, you digitize processes & equipment step by step, document existing systems & procedures. With the comprehensive technical solution, you can make your company fit for service management and maintenance today.

The mobile app speeds up checks, handovers and team work; it works on- and offline. The server app controls all mobile apps, user rights, monitors project deadlines and provides work reports and reports.

30 days free trial!

The free trial period ends at the end of the 30 days and is not automatically extended. You will receive a notification by email before the trial period expires.

    Discover TechDoc

    Industry 4.0 - step by step
    From the walk...
    Step #1
    Erfassen Sie vor Ort alle gewünschten Leistungen, Arbeitszeiten & Produkte mit Bestandsfotos & verorten Sie Leistungen auf Plänen oder Handskizzen digital.
    From the walk...
    ...about the estimate...
    Step #2
    Create the cost estimate in no time at the push of a button & mail it to the customer or to the office. No more time wasting!
    ...about the estimate... the order...
    Step #3
    You create a binding offer immediately. The customer orders by return of post? Great, schedule immediately & always have an overview of your orders & deadlines. the order...
    ...the default for employees...
    Step #4
    Your employees receive the ordered products & services as digital work specifications, located in plans & sketches, which avoids time-consuming communication & expensive errors.

    Whether travel & work times or services: Speed up checks and handovers - on every single appointment!
    ...the default for employees...
    ...the acceptance by signature...
    Step #5
    Clear digital confirmation on site for individual services or complete projects. Binding confirmation of orders and service reports on site.
    ...the acceptance by signature...
    ...and forwarding to the invoice.
    Step #6
    Create mission reports and reports supported by photos and videos with just a few clicks. All employees access the same information.
    ...and forwarding to the invoice.
    Service & Preventive Maintenance
    Step #7
    Im laufenden Betrieb erinnert TechDoc an Wartungs- & Abnahmetermine, mit Sensoren überwachen Sie Maschinen & erkennen Probleme vor dem teuren Produktionsausfall.

    Your employees see the products & services as work specifications, located in plans or hand sketches, which facilitates communication & avoids costly mistakes.
    Service & Preventive Maintenance
    Tech Doc

    Document easily and quickly with TechDoc


    Discover the extensive possibilities of TechDoc

    Simple. Fast. Intuitive.

    An optimal maintenance planner helps with preventive maintenance. Inspections and control rounds must be recorded and documented in detail, and production and acceptance must be monitored. Each industry has individual requirements. 

    TechDoc offers customized digital maintenance, inspection and tour apps. This makes it easy to create audits for maintenance documentation and plant maintenance yourself and adapt them to your own needs. The mobile data capture enables on- and offline access to the projects, so that the technical documentation of the projects is possible at any time.


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    Order management - flexible and secure

    Dynamic order management allows service orders to be transferred directly, even from existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Fault messages in the helpdesk can be qualified and automatically converted into orders.

    SKILL TechDoc requires no lengthy setup - you can start documenting existing systems immediately, digitally capturing existing paper plans and maintenance cards. You collect data, images, design plans, repair manuals contracts, specifications and installation videos that can be instantly shared with the whole team on the go via the cloud.

    Sustainable reporting and checklists

    You can make the data obtained directly available online to the responsible project manager or employee via the dynamic maintenance software. In this way, your existing maintenance processes are successively digitized and the technical building equipment in the area of facility management becomes sustainably more efficient. All work is facilitated in the long term and your business can establish itself on the market in the long term with the help of technical maintenance.

    All device locations are clearly shown on overview plans - there is no need for telephone inquiries. Every service call is immediately documented on site: Travel times, consumption, spare parts, working times and services are documented with photos if necessary, eliminating the need for reworking in the office. You can present entire cost estimates to the customer, order spare parts, and issue service reports that become legally binding with a digital signature. Orders and services are no longer a matter of interpretation, but can be documented.

    Time tracking and performance reporting

    Speed up checks and handovers - for every single appointment. Document appointments, travel times and services. Mission reports can be printed directly on site or saved in the database.

    Digital signature on site

    Clear confirmation of completed orders for customers, employees or partners. TechDoc offers individual services or complete projects. You receive binding confirmation of orders and service reports directly on site.

    RiskCheck: Risk assessment

    Simple, fast & safe tool for analyzing & implementing the risk assessment according to § 5 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Step by step, hazards are assessed and measures are proposed.

    Customizable software

    Thanks to freely editable statuses, priorities and industries as well as cascading text modules, the necessary descriptions are created with just a few clicks - and still speak the exact language of your company.

    QR codes and barcodes

    Precisely identify each individual device - and simplify inspection rounds. Benefit from unique location of any size inventory and adopt existing code systems.

    Cooperations with partners

    SKILL TechDoc simplifies the work with external technicians, partners, service providers or subcontractors and supports the processes digitally. All parties involved always gain updated information statuses, which prevents wrong trips.

    Services & Prices

    Our software plans include the easy setup, the TechDoc software package* and support. Save valuable working time thanks to intelligent software from Skill.


    Solution for one user

    50/per month

    per user

    Up to 20 digital plans
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Support via Mail


    Solution for teams/users

    from €90/per month

    per user

    Project communication
    Unlimited plans
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Phone Support


    Project control

    from €120/per month

    per user

    Project communication
    Unlimited plans
    Manage service providers
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Partner cooperation
    Product data import
    Phone Support
    * SKILL offers Educational institutions of all sizes, students, teachers, faculty, and administrators. attractive and free solutions