The alarming mobile Energy Manager

SKILL EnergyDoc is a software for mobile energy management. It allows the documentation and analysis of relevant energy consumers in companies, authorities or teams. This way, savings can be shown and realized. 


A revolutionary, flexible software that grows with its tasks.

EnergyDoc helps to reduce energy consumption by concretely showing cost savings. The energy data management system identifies significant consumption overruns and analyzes their cause.

SKILL EnergyDoc immediately transmits all relevant technical data to the mobile repair or support service in the event of unplanned consumption. This allows corrections to be made and costs to be saved.

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    Revolutionary technology on a proven basis

    Efficient analyses & consulting

    Target consumption and tolerance or escalation values are ideally analyzed, developed and entered in an energy consultation - up to 80% of the EnergyDoc costs can be subsidized.

    Individual - for every industry

    Individual setting and management of key energy consumers ("taylored benchmarks") - which differ by industry

    Flexible digitalization

    Data is transferred from e-meters or other software - the consumption plan values can be set by the users themselves

    Energy Doc

    Document easily and quickly with EnergyDoc


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    Energy consumption & planned values

    The consumption plan values and energy controls are set by the users themselves. In the process, target consumption and tolerance are ideally analyzed, developed and entered in an energy consultation.
    Here, the energy management software monitors the transmitted data and analyzes it.

    SKILL EnergyDoc allows indexing, control and remote diagnosis of any complex energy system. Whether online or offline, technicians can define existing systems, record consumption and energy measurement points, document changes and make them immediately available to all employees. AFirst, the implementation starts with an energy consultation to identify consumption data and savings potential. Tailored benchmarking and freely definable escalation levels create an individual alarm system. This provides immediate alerts from the energy control system in the event of consumption peaks, temperature drops, etc.. This makes it easy to identify and quickly diagnose problems.

    Hazard regulation with sensor integration & alarm when measured thresholds are exceeded

    The software is based on existing diagnostic systems that are set up. Escalation values and an escalation type are defined in case of significant deviations. Most deviations are caused by defects, malfunctions or operating errors. The energy management software provides immediate hazard analysis when energy demand is exceeded. Problems often arise due to defects, contamination or blockages.

    Each measurement/consumption value is stored with a target value range and alarm threshold and the actual values are permanently compared with it. When the alarm value is reached, the technical service can be informed automatically and intervene to avoid damage & high energy costs. The service department receives all the necessary documentation on the process in order to take remedial action as quickly as possible.

    Sustainable reporting and checklists

    Any industrial company with high energy consumption can benefit by implementing the SKILL Energy Doc energy management system. The mobile side of the application is so easy to use that even a one-day training enables technicians to start recording energy consumption immediately. For the market launch we are looking for cooperation with energy consultants and specialized companies in the field of facility management and building automation, who want to introduce the software as a natural part of a company's energy policy.

    Skill EnergyDoc provides all relevant information via tablet or also on the PC and documents the energy consumption. The mobile apps synchronize with the web server application. In addition, the energy management software offers targeted apps for interfaces. Thus, connected databases can publish industry benchmarks, expert tips or best cases.

    Info indication in the display

    Display of important information in the mobile SKILL EnergyDoc so that repairs, corrections or cleaning can be carried out immediately on site - all changes are documented digitally and synchronously.

    Protection against defects

    Escalation in case of tolerance value exceedance, in order to analyze it immediately and to remedy it as soon as possible; usually the exceedance is caused and triggered by defects, contamination or blockages.

    Analysis of the consumption plan values

    The consumption plan values are set by the users themselves (no experts required). Target consumption and tolerance or escalation values are ideally analyzed, developed and entered in an energy consultation.

    Consumption and planned value comparison

    SKILL EnergyDoc permanently compares the consumption and planned values and, in case of significant deviation, checks which escalation conditions have to be set and started

    Digital data transmission

    Data is either transferred from e-meters or other software or collected manually. You benefit from individual settings of the important energy consumers, which differ depending on the industry.

    Modern cloud technology

    SKILL EnergyDoc is built in two parts, it consists of the server application for internet ("cloud") or intranet, and the mobile tablet/smartphone application (Android % iOS), which works offline.

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