The pioneers of mobile Construction documentation since 2012

The award-winning BauDoc controls & documents in building/construction & construction management, intuitively & flexibly, accompanies you from planning to management to revitalization. New: BIM Product Configurator - locates with specifics in plan & revolutionizes sign-off.

Capture their dynamic processes and control them with pinpoint accuracy.

Our construction documentation software SKILL BauDoc, which was awarded the Innovation Prize of Deutsche Telekom, allows a complete representation of all processes around a building, a construction site or a real estate portfolio. You document and manage projects and facilities, in all disciplines, industries and trades. Act confidently in all phases of real estate lifecycle management (ILM) - using only a tablet PC. This is construction documentation for the 21st century.

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    Discover BauDoc

    Matured in practice: proven and optimized in many thousands of projects since 2012

    Flexibly adaptable to requirement

    Easy to use: can be learned immediately and operated intuitively - for every user. With monitoring of due dates, appointments + deadlines.

    Efficient collective processing

    Time savings of at least 20% for construction documentation / defect management up to 70% for expert opinions

    Optimized for recurring capture

    Communicates directly through the application with all stakeholders according to their user rights - schedule and cost adherence improved by 45%.

    Tech Doc

    BauDoc3 is here

    BauDoc3 Lightning fast, intuitive, optimal on smartphones.
    Pilot customers are enthusiastic - test for free!

    Load 3-D BIM CAD plans or laser point clouds

    Locate processes and virtually walk

    Communication with employees and subcontractors integrated

    Document easily and quickly with BauDoc


    Mobile software for construction documentation

    The award-winning SKILL BauDoc is a documentation software for all control and documentation tasks in construction management, building and construction industry. 

    Intuitive to use and individually adaptable, the BauDoc software accompanies you from the first plan to the management and revitalization. With schedule control, construction diary and defect management, precisely on site, always mobile and communicating unmistakably - in text and image.

    As construction documentation, BauDoc bundles all information on project status, construction documentation and defect management for you. This saves you valuable time and safeguards your work, even in the event of a dispute

    Baumanagement mit Baudoc

    Digital construction management for individual requirements

    The SKILL BauDoc software provides you with the most important information at the mobile workplace and documents the changes, repairs, conversions in text and images. You play the acquired data back to the server to make it immediately available to your partners. You always have all documents digitally at hand.

    You keep lists of defects, write reports, create checklists, even when you are on site for the first time. This helps you work more efficiently in facility management. BauDoc is designed to create your reports and reports according to your needs with a click.

    Sustainable reporting thanks to construction diary

    Freely editable priorities and trades, as well as variable text modules, create the necessary descriptions with just a few clicks. The photos and videos from your mobile camera are integrated into the shared construction diary and provide sustainable support for construction management reporting.

    Recurring inspections to be performed by changing employees or for ISO certifications are supported by a checklist generator that queries all processes to be inspected and forgets nothing. This makes exclusive construction reporting possible.

    Aktivitätenmanagement mit Baudoc

    The Activity Management

    The various requirements and many changes have responsible parties and must be communicated in a secure and verifiable manner, information and plans updated, deadlines set and reviewed - BauDoc manages this with you.
    Thanks to freely editable statuses, priorities and trades as well as 12,0000 text modules (structured in 4 hierarchy levels), necessary descriptions are created with just a few clicks - and still speak exactly the language of your company, are unambiguous and can be evaluated.

    The construction project management module

    Integrate subcontractors and subcontractors directly in BauDoc - with different authorizations from 0 €, communicate directly and always keep control! 

    With the brand new project management module, you open a window into your database for your top performers and partners and speed up operations with lean, digital processes.

    Locate BIM data in plans - instantly identify all specifications

    Das sichert Ihre Qualitäts und Leistungsabnahme erheblich.

    Via Open BIM Viewer they will see for better orientation also in 3D angezeigt.

    Transfer important product specifications via IFC interface and locate them on plans, trade-specific. In the example, you can see all doors on the plan and the required details for each specific door, putting an end to endless Excel searches.

    The skill pioneers of mobile construction documentation are still at the forefront of development: BIM becomes operationally usable on the job site and can be precisely measured by 3D scans vo allem in the inventory, virtually processed and used for visitors for inspection.

    Digital construction plans

    BauDoc benefits you wherever dynamic processes need to be localized. The digital documents, are directly synchronized on all devices - so collaboration can be significantly improved.

    Construction diary / construction documentation

    You can transform the collected information into visually elegant documents with captivating content at any time. Complete reports are created from quick photographs and notes, fully automatically.

    Plan Management

    Proper documentation and plan management during construction can easily save over 100 man hours per month. Skill offers a digital solution for this, for all end devices.

    Customizable software

    If the preset parameters are not sufficient for you, you can generate new ones at will. The acceptance of a renovated property is just as successful as regular inspections of a vehicle fleet.

    Message exchange

    Thanks to freely editable statuses, priorities and trades as well as cascading text modules, the necessary descriptions are created with just a few clicks - and still speak the exact language of your operation.

    The service provider module

    Integrate subcontractors and sub-subcontractors directly into SKILL BauDoc - and stay in control! With the brand new subcontractor module you open a window into your database for your service providers.

    Services & Prices

    Our software plans include the easy setup, the BauDoc-Software package* and support. Save valuable working time thanks to intelligent software from Skill.


    Solution for one user

    50/per month & user

    free for students and universities*

    Up to 20 digital plans
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Support via Mail


    Solution usable in teams

    from €90/per month & user
    Project communication
    Unlimited plans
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Support via Mail
    Phone Support


    Project control

    €120/per month & user
    Project communication
    Unlimited plans
    Manage service providers
    Unlimited projects
    Unlimited tickets
    Unlimited exports
    Partner cooperation
    Product data import
    Phone Support

    Service provider

    Solution for Service provider/Subs

    €0/ Clearance via web access

    €50 / App with project tasks

    See performance targets
    Share services with photos & comments
    Price according to performance
    Acceptance/rejection by construction management with defect documentation
    Web access
    edit & report
    Support via Mail
    * SKILL offers Educational institutions of all sizes, students, teachers, faculty, and administrators. attractive and free solutions
    Ralf Liebler
    You always have the office in your pocket with the modern equipment, which saves time on the job site, at least 20 to 30 percent, because you don't have to run around with paper and pencil and draw everything on the blueprints.
    Ralf Liebler
    Liebler Engineering