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We help people put their plans into action

Since 1991 we have been developing scheduling and project management software, e.g. for the multiplier support of Henkel KG with the smartphone precursor "Atari Portfolio". 

This resulted in solutions for customer acquisition and support, today based on Project CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, combined with smartphones that even work as offline applications (e.g. for BlackBerry, iPADS, Android and Samsung Galaxy). Today, we offer solutions for mobile Industrie 4.0 deployment.


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Our Offer

Keep it simple - our philosophy

We translate complex operations into simple business processes

We impart knowledge and technology in sales, marketing and support

We deliver your customer, project or object information to the mobile workplace

We structure complex drawings, plans and operations for simple but efficient processing

We inform your field staff or subcontractors directly from the projects and vice versa, so that everyone involved is always on the same, up-to-date status - to avoid errors.

You increase your quality, error reduction of 40% below 5% are often realized.

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On the way to the intelligent freezer

Skill Software GmbH specializes in radically simplifying complex business processes to make them mobile ready on smartphones and tablets. 

InnovativeGrowth Strategy

Skill Software GmbH specializes in radically simplifying complex business processes to make them mobile ready on smartphones and tablets. 


We make it simple and mobile

Skill Software GmbH specializes in radically simplifying complex business processes in order to make them available on smartphones and tablets while mobile. We offer Industry 4.0 solutions for construction and building management, energy and technology, customer and visitor flows; furthermore control systems and solutions for locating, measuring and controlling in the Internet of Things (IoT). Another focus is classic CRM and construction CRM.


Learn more about our team and the history of Skill


Edgar Reh


is a graduate physicist, born in 1951, and managing partner of Skill Software GmbH. His training as an atomic physicist proved to Edgar Reh to be particularly suitable for the EDP industry: "They know something about everything, but nothing precise, which is the most important basis for the EDP business and sales." As author of the eBook "More customers win and optimally care for" he is responsible for the TÜV Hessen certified training courses of the SKILL academy and BVMW academy. He has been working in capital goods sales for more than 30 years and has successfully implemented well over 100 CRM projects, e.g. for Henkel, Messe Frankfurt, Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, Hilti Germany. Edgar Reh publishes the test series "We test the best" and leads the practical tests of the software. The studies critically and objectively test the functions of market-relevant software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, CAS, and Salesforce, among others. He is married, has a daughter and grandchildren, is passionate about playing guitar, optimizing his solar system, and enjoys his beautiful garden.


Klaus Szilvas


born 1961, degree in business administration, sociology, psychology, managing partner at SKILLsoftware and one of the most experienced CRM consultants. He has developed several CRM tools, as well as managing challenging CRM projects, seminars, trainings for, among others: Häfele, Simona, Böwe, Orbit, Dürr Dental, Pfleiderer AG, Bopp&Reuther, Dexia Kommunalbank and Gardemann-Zooom. At SKILL he is the main developer of the SKILL Project CRM and the mobile applications. Whenever he finds time besides his job and his family, he dedicates himself to playing the piano. Since their time together at Team Brendel, the two CRM professionals Edgar Reh and Klaus Szilvas also have a private friendship.


Development of the BIM product configurator for BauDoc and the completion of the "intelligent control & regulation technology of the commercial refrigerator".
Development of the construction management module for BauDok, used for the reconstruction of the "Frankfurt School of Finance & Management".
Integration of sensors and actuators in TechDoc & EnergyDoc for predictive maintenance; Start of the development of a commercial freezer with 50% lower energy consumption, in consortium with KMW, Kühlmöbelwerke Limburg & va-Q-tec AG, Würzburg Funding by "KMU innovativ - Verbundprojekt Klimaschutz" for the development&validation of an intelligent control and regulation technology".
Development of Skill TechDoc for digital technical customer service
Entry of the Sirius EcoTech Fund
Development of Skill EnergyDoc to reduce energy consumption especially in technical plants, with government and European funding.
SKILL BauDoc receives the Telekom Innovation Award; Establishment of the Lead Management Consultant course; Bureau Veritas Construction Services GmbH uses SKILL BauDoc
Development of construction documentation and mobile construction documentation, permanent cooperation with the Kassel-based start-up embia GmbH, development of a 3D wayfinding system for the largest office building in Germany at Frankfurt Airport/ICE long-distance train station ("The Squaire"), with 140,000 sqm.
2nd place at the international BlackBerry Innovation Award for the application "BauLeistungesverbuchung", state funding of CRM training by the Federal Employment Agency
Development of CRM applications for smartphones; development of "CRM + EventManager" for the English Theatre, Frankfurt, the largest English-speaking theater in continental Europe; nomination for two INNOVATION awards for BlackBerry
"Project Time Accounting" for Accurat, Application "Event Manager" for ORBIT (Telekom) with Microsoft CRM, TÜV-Hessen Certificate
Klaus Szilvas as Head of Consulting from Team Brendel to SKILL
Release eCRM Workshop - Further training initiative "CRM Manager" with IHK
E. Reh takes over SKILL GF, focus on CRM
ERP specialization; E. Reh to Team Brendel AG; there from 2002 Managing Director
First eCRM workshop based on SalesManager
Release of the sales solution "Sales Manager
Development of TIME/TEAM Manager for Deutscher Sparkassenverlag
Foundation of Skill Software GmbH by Edgar Reh; development of project manager "PlanMaster" for Atari Inc.